Wordsy: An unabridged tabletop game for 1-6 wordsmiths

Created by Gil Hova

Wordsy: An unabridged tabletop game for 1-6 wordsmiths
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Learn About Our Project:

Wordsy is a tabletop word game for 1-6 players. It takes only 20 minutes to play, but when you finish, you'll want to play it again. That's because Wordsy is unlike most other word games.

In Wordsy, you get 8 letters dealt out on the table. All players simultaneously try to come up with the best word on the board.

Here's the thing: you don't need all the letters in your word to be on the board. You can add as many letters as you want! So you're never just one letter away, like in most word games. 

This means Wordsy rewards longer words. Those 2- and 3-letter words you have to memorize for other word games won't help you here!

Here's a sample board. What word do you see? Remember that you can use any word you want, other than words with capital letters, hyphens, or apostrophes. You can skip both vowels and consonants; you're just trying to use as many letters on the board as you can.

To figure out your word's score, add together the value of the column each letter is in. You only score each letter once, even if the letter is in your word more than once. The Z is worth 2 bonus points, and the K is worth 1 bonus point.


I'll give you a few seconds...


...a few more seconds...


Did you see the word CATS, for 14 points?

How about SCRATCHING, for 21 points?

Kudos if you found BACKSCATTERING, for 27 points!


Play is simultaneous. All players try to come up with the single best word on the board at the same time. There's a 30-second sand timer within easy reach, but it's not running yet.

The first player to write down their word takes the 30-second sand timer and flips it on their scoresheet. They're now the fastest player, and they cannot change their word.

All other players have 30 seconds to write down their words. After 30 seconds, it's pencils down and time to score.

In addition to scoring your word's bonus, you get bonus points if your word scores more points than the fastest player's word, or if you're the fastest player and your word is better than half the other players' words.

After 7 rounds, each player adds the scores of their best 5 words plus all their bonus points. The player with the most points wins!

Want to learn more about the game? Read the rulebook draft, or try it yourself with a free, no-art print-and-play version of the game!

And if you're on Twitter, check out @WordsyBot, which tweets out a different board of letters every 30 minutes!

Wordsy is a re-implementation of my first published game Prolix, which Z-Man Games released in 2010. While I'm proud of Prolix and its accomplishments (like making the Games 100), I've learned a lot about game design in the past six years, and I've always wanted to return to my first game to see what lessons I could apply to it.

Wordsy takes half the time to play that Prolix does. Its rules are much easier to learn and follow. It is smoother to play. And it scales to 6 players better than its predecessor.

I'm really happy with how Wordsy came out. It's become a very important game to me. I feel like it's doing the things that I really wanted to do with Prolix.

So many games have optimistic player counts, but when you actually play them, it turns out that the 2-player game was just marketing, or the 6-player game is intolerably long.

Wordsy scales smoothly and effortlessly from 1-6 players. Really. I've played dozens of games at each player count, and I put a lot of work into making sure the 1-player game is just as good as the 6-player game.

No. Wordsy is a real-time game, but it's not a twitch game. You're eligible to get bonus points if you're the fastest player and your word is good, but if you come up with a lousy word just to run the timer, everyone will score bonus points off you. 30 seconds is long enough to think of something!

But don't take my word for it...








"Wordsy is truly a unique word building game that fosters creativity and clever thought over simple mastery of the English language. With its focus clearly on allowing its players to create words of their choosing over making them use all the letters revealed from round to round, Wordsy become incredibly approachable and enjoyable for a variety of gamers." - Man Vs. Meeple

"After several plays through the game, this is going to be one I get to the table as often as possible. It’s quick, anyone can play, and the myriad letter recombinations means near-infinite replayability." - GeekDad

"So here's the final word: if you enjoy speedy games that tax your nerves as well as your creative thinking skills, Wordsy is certainly one game to check out." - Cardboard Republic

"Wordsy gives me the freedom to dream big. The outlay provided by the cards is only a starting point. It’s an invitation to search my memory banks for words that fit the pattern of the letters on the board. It is definitely a step up in fun and challenge from Boggle and Scrabble and other games that limit your choices, and the addition of the timed bonuses really adds some punch to the experience." - Board Game Gumbo

"Wordsy is so smart in so many ways. The puzzle it presents is simple – open your word-hoard and release the most potent salvo you can. And yet, because of the timing element, each round has this really awesome arc of tension; you start slow and before you know it, someone decides that ‘quell’ is good enough and you’ve got 30 incredibly short seconds to decide between ‘loquacious’ and ‘qualifications’ and damn it, why did they have to start with such a short, obvious word?!?" - Gameosity

"Wordsy is a game that takes the standard word game mechanics and flips them into something completely new and interesting. Not only does it shake things up, but it makes you have to think in different and unique ways, which is a blast!" - Meeple Mountain

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The rules to Wordsy are set, and for this kind of game, there isn't much I can add in the way of extra cards.

But I will still have quite a few stretch goals. The more people back the game, the lower each copy will cost to print, and the nicer I can make the final product! I'm very excited about some of these stretch goals.

One important note: if I ever reprint this game, there's no guarantee the reprint will have these stretch goals. Backing this Kickstarter will be your most likely way to get a premium edition of Wordsy!

FUNDED! Thank you, backers!

FUNDED! Each game will ship with 100 double-sided scoresheets, up from 50 double-sided scoresheets. 

I like having my games come with everything they need in the box. And at $16,000, we can do that. If we reach this level, you will get six cute golf pencils in each box.

The base game comes in a traditional 2-piece box. But if we reach $18,000, I will ship the game in a lovely magnetic clasp box that opens like a book!

At this level, we will put gorgeous foil stamping on the cover!


If you're a customer within the EU your rewards will ship from within the EU. Keep in mind that some countries like Switzerland are physically within Europe but are not EU members. If you're in a non-EU-member nation, you may still have to pay customs, taxes, or import fees on your package.

If you are outside North America, your shipment will not be tracked unless you specifically request it. In a perfect world, I'd ship with tracking, but it's shockingly expensive!

If you're from outside North America and you'd like tracking on your shipment, message me and we can work something out.

I may offer early backer pickup at conventions like UKGE or Origins (no promises, it depends on the schedule). In these cases, I will not be able to refund shipping for backers who choose to pick up at conventions. My apologies!

These notes are all hard-won lessons from previous Kickstarter campaigns I've run. I hope they don't cause you any difficulty; I'd rather you knew about them ahead of time!

I created Formal Ferret Games as an outlet for my game designs. I wanted to take advantage of the new tools offered to designers, and release my work directly to the public.

So far, it seems to be working. I've almost sold out the initial print runs of my first two games,

I believe that part of the reason for my success is that Formal Ferret Games allows me to demonstrate my passion for my games directly. People can see how much sweat and labor I put into what I do, and how great I try to make them before they hit shelves.

Indie game design and publishing is a lot of work, but it's incredible work. I'm very grateful to be able to do it!

I am a board game designer and publisher based in Jersey City, New Jersey, with my girlfriend and two adorable ferrets. In my life, I've recorded indie rock albums, edited sound for film, programmed computers, written and performed comedy, and seen more theater and live music than I can remember.

Wordsy would be my 5th published game and my 3rd self-published game. 

If you want to know more about me, you can read my blog, follow me on Twitter, or sign up for my mailing list!

Scott Hartman is a freelance graphic designer and art director. He specializes in board games, but has worked on plenty of non-board game marketing projects.

Scott has also worked with other well-known publishers such as Action Phase Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and Arcane Wonders. Scott applies his extensive graphic design expertise and production know-how to deliver games that are both good-looking and functional.

Directed by Steve Landau
Written and edited by Gil Hova
Clucky performed by Carrie Margulies
Cameras and lights by Steve Landau and Brett Kodama
On-set sound mxing by Matthew Smith
Production assistance by MJ and Ben Warren

Music credits: "Covert Affair", "Dances and Dames", and "Sweeter Vermouth" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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